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 Level Control

Custom Applications Controllers - Fittings Flow


Articulated - Jointed Multi Level Adjustable or sliding

Panel meter

Paddle Flow Switch
Cable Float Switch 4 relays, Digital Indication
Capacitance Level Bar graph, programmable
Capacitance Switch Point 0 - 10VDC 2 wire input
Continuous Fuel Level Sender   Bilge Alarm      
Continuous Transducer 3 wire Cogeneration

Local Digital Display

Continuous Transducer 4-20 Diesel Day Tank 4 digit local display
Deep Well Probe 4 - 20 loop powered.
Dip Tape Non Electrical Dirty Applications
Flag Display Gauge Drum Level Control - Alarm

Solid State For Level Control

Fuel Level Sender
Interface Level Latching Relay
Magnetic Level Gauge Dual Alarm Relay
Magnetic Level Gauge Plastic Ink Level Control
Mechanical Indication Parts Washer Level
Multi - Level Large - Alloy
Multi - Level Bent Stem Proffer Bakery Level Control
Multi - Level PVC
Multi - Level Large - Plastic
Multi - Level Medium Reservoir Level for Hydraulic Tanks
Multi - Level Small - Alloy Tank Level
Multi - Level Small - Plastic
Side Mount - Plastic Vented level switch with Filter
Side Mount - Stainless Water Leak Detection
Single Point - Alloy
Single Point - Plastic