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Welcome to Almeg Controls. We are the Manufacturer of liquid level controls. Over the years, we are proud to have garnered the trust and loyalty of countless customers. We take pride in our quality, customer service, and lead times. 

Keep reading to learn more, and reach out with questions or quotes on our products.

multi level magnetic level switch
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Single point switch, and magnetic floats

Magnetic level switches for liquids are a reliable and cost-effective solution for measuring the level of liquid in tanks and containers in various industries. They are highly accurate, can operate in harsh environments, and can be customized to meet specific application requirements. When selecting a magnetic level switch for liquids, it is important to consider factors such as the properties of the liquid being measured, the application requirements, and proper installation and maintenance to ensure accurate measurement and reliable performance.

Custom Level Controls for diesel day tanks, to water distillers.  Choose from custom multi-level, single point and side mount level switches.   Continuous Level Transducers , Fuel Senders and Stainless Flag Displays can also be custom made. We have stainless steel, brass and plastic options.  

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Custom Multi Level

The Multi Level Switch has many configurations. The level control can be used to control pumps, control alarms -  including high level liquid and low level liquid.

A magnetic equipped float follows the process level. As the level rises or falls the switch changes state giving

a contact signal.

 Economically maintains a level, operates single or dual pumps and can activate high alarms and low alarms.

large multi level switch with nema 4x connection head

Standard Single Level

A high alarm level switch can also be used as low level alarm switch.

The alarm level switch can be mounted in the top or bottom of the tank. 

The contact can be normally open or normally closed. 

If the liquid reaches the float or falls to the float it will change the state of the internal reed contact and can then send an alarm or lock a control relay out. 

BVB12, Sinlgl Point Level Switch

Continuous Fuel Level Sender

Fuel sender controls probes, heavy duty versions. 

The custom controls will work with many gauges like Stewart Warner, General Motors, VDO, Ford and Chrysler

for example. Can also be used for level of water tanks or oil tanks. Many level configurations available.

continuous level transducer

Continuous Transducer

Ideal for measuring continuous level in most tanks. 

Units are custom manufactured to fit many applications. Several outputs can be requested: 4-20 signal; 0 to 5 VDC; 0 to 10V DC . Transducers come pre-calibrated.

Continuous Level Transducer

Optional Accessories

We have different options for the top of our level switches: NEMA 4 and Explosion Proof boxes. We can add a 4-20 signal generator and temperature control.

level switch connection head

Deep Well Probe

Custom cable supported well probes can be lowered into a tank, pipe or well to determine the level.   The standard unit has 25' of jacketed cable but custom lengths are available. 

 Units can have 1 to 2 switch points for high, low or pump


deep well probe

Flag Display Gauge

Magnetic Level Gauge follows in the level of fluid inside a tank or chamber.  Magnetically coupled flags flip as the level rises or falls giving a relatively safe indication of level.

SPDT latching reeds switches can be clamped along the side to send alarms or control the level.   Many configurations of tank attachments are available.

Magnetic flag display

Cable Float Switches

Cable Float Switch can be custom assembled with one or more floats to most size flanges.  

The floats are approved and each float independent of the cable can be adjusted to fine tune switch points.

The product is excellent for tanks up to about 30 feet high and can be shipped with less difficulty.  

The level point switch is fairly rugged and requires very little maintenance for its life.

cable float switch

Capacitence Level

Capacitance level sensors are operated by two electrodes forming a capacitor, often in the form of two parallel metal plates with insulating (non-conductive or “dielectric”) material separating them. Capacitance level sensors can perform with a wide range of materials and applications, they also have the advantage of being mechanically simple with no moving parts and minimal required maintenance. In addition, they’re well-suited for both point and continuous level measurements and are resistant to agitation.

Works in most applications including Diesel fuel, paraffin, and in rugged applications.

capacitance probe_edited

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