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Ideal for measuring continuous level in most tanks. 

Units are custom manufactured to fit many applications.

Several outputs can be requested.  4-20 signal; fuel sender controls; 0 to 5 VDC; 0 to 10V DC;  custom resistance output; standard resistance output (0-200 ohms, 0-90 ohms, 600-2500 ohms, 0-60 ohms.)  Transducers come pre-calibrated. The continuous transducer is available in brass, stainless and many plastic configurations.  Floats can be Buna, plastic and stainless of most specific gravities.


The  level probe is engineered with a internal printed circuit board populated with an array of encapsulated reed

switches and resistors.  The magnet equipped float, follows the liquid in the vessel and turns on a portion of the circuit (magnetically) resulting in a signal out, proportional to the position of the float on the probe. The 4-20 signal is an industry control standard and can be configured with many common controls to perform various tasks for level monitoring and control. A NEMA 4 box is standard with terminal connections.

Continuous level Transducer
Continuous: Product
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